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About Jothashilpa

Jothashilpa - a center for traditional and contemporary arts, has started its journey for enhancement of arts practices in Bangladesh. It has been working as a melting pot where various categories of arts (such as fine art, folk art, native art, crafts etc.) are being juxtaposed and together they create a new art language of our own.

Jothashilpa is a Bengali word which means ‘proper art’ or ‘applied art’. Sometimes it is also used to connote ‘synonymous of art’.

Jothashipla believes that art is very integral part of life and society. So, they have decided to work with special focus on living styles of human being around the world and aesthetic senses which emerge from everyday life practice in society. Jothashilpa works with artisans from different parts of the country and supports them directly with fair terms of trade. They primarily focus on developing feasible working context for artisans who are losing their craftsmanship and livelihoods due to non-conducive consumer ecology.

It has four wings to execute its programs:

1) Research and Publication
2) Crafts or Art of Everyday
3) Training and skill development
4) Event and workshops

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